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Saint Anthony of Padua Parish is a welcoming, loving Catholic community, centered in Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Together we celebrate the liturgy in prayer and sacrament; we educate our children and adults in the faith; we support and reach out to those in need.

We believe the Holy Spirit is calling us to continue: to love one another as Jesus loves us, to share the word of God and to serve both within and beyond our Parish family.



The history of St. Anthony of Padua began in 1948 when Rev. Myron J. Purick, Pastor of St, Phillip Neri, purchased 9 acres of property on Cheshire Place. Prior to the establishment of our Parish, the Catholics from the East Northport community were members of St. Phillip of Neri Parish in Northport. Members celebrated Sunday Mass in the old East Northport Firehouse on Larkfield Road. It soon became apparent that the firehouse would not be adequate to accommodate the spiritual needs of our fast growing community. In August of 1948 plans were put in place to build a mission chapel that was built on the present grounds of St. Anthony of Padua. It should be noted that during the construction of the chapel many parishioners and local farmers provided their time, talent and tractors to help complete the task of grading and landscaping the Parish grounds. Little did these volunteers know that sixty some years later that their volunteer efforts would still be an inspiration and example for the zeal of today’s parishioners volunteering their time and talent in over 60 lay ministries.

The influx of residents in the East Northport area increased the Catholic community tenfold prompting the June of 1951 declaration by Bishop Molloy of the Brooklyn Diocese that St. Anthony of Padua would become a new Parish separate and distinct from St. Phillip of Neri and would serve as the Parish for the community of East Northport. The Reverend Sylvester McGee was appointed founding pastor of our Parish where he served from 1951-1968.

In May of 1958, St. Anthony of Padua erected a school and an auditorium and in August if 1958 the Sisters of St. Joseph officially arrived to teach in the school.  In 1962 the Convent building was completed to house the Sisters. Due to the rapid growth of the Parish, the original small wooden mission chapel was removed in order to construct the church that now stands.  In June of 1966 the new church was complete.

Over the past 60 years our Parish has grown as a wonderful life-filled community of people who are called together by the Word of God and United in Christ. As we begin our next 60 years, we are ready to set about the renewal of “Our Lord’s House” with the generous donations from our parishioners from our 60th Anniversary Capital Campaign. The campaign will cover necessary repairs and renovations to the church, meeting room expansion, and upgrades at Trinity Regional School.

We are fortunate to have many founding parishioners still living and worshiping here, a living memory of all that has been achieved here through a strong dedicated and visionary faith. Through their faith and sacrificial determination we are able to worship today in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful churches in all of Long Island. As we move forward we are still building on the solid foundation laid by those first parishioners sixty years ago.

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