Adult Religious Formation

Are you interested in becoming a Catholic?

Are you a Catholic who has not yet received Communion or Confirmation?

It’s very easy to become part of a small group of adults who are preparing to receive sacraments in the Catholic Church. If you‘re curious or just want to chat  contact Judy Corbellini at

RCIA is the process by which the Catholic Church initiates adults into the Roman Catholic Community. It consists of four carefully planned stages, each marked by liturgical rites:

The Period of Inquiry

During this period, individuals hear the preaching of the gospel, and may last from a few weeks to a few months. Inquirers are invited to ask questions about the Church, share their own faith stories and decide whether they wish to continue. Those who wish to continue celebrate the Rite of Acceptance, and enter the second period.

The Period of the Catechumenate

This is a more intense period of instruction where individuals may develop an understanding 
of Church teachings, participate in liturgical rites and learn the importance of prayer. 
Marking the transition between the second and third periods, the Rite of Election is 
celebrated for the unbaptized and the Call to Continuing Conversion is celebrated for those 
who are already baptized. These usually take place early in Lent and open a period of 
more intense preparation. In these rites, catechumens (the unbaptized), and candidates 
(those already baptized),express publicly their conversion of heart, mind and spirit to the 
Christian teachings of faith and charity. They are now known as the “elect”.

The Period of Enlightenment and Purification

This period, which usually lasts through Lent, includes special liturgical ceremonies at the 
Lenten masses, as well as preparation rites.  The “elect” spend time reflecting on their 
religious experiences and faith. This period climaxes at the Easter Vigil with the 
sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist).

The Period of Mystagogia

This is the final stage of RCIA, and it may also be called the Post-Baptismal Catechesis. It lasts from Easter to Pentecost, and during this stage of Initiation, the newly initiated 
experience being a part of the Christian community. Together with the community they 
develop a deeper understanding of the mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. As the 
new part of the community, they gather together to celebrate Sunday Masses, share the 
sacraments, read and study scriptures, perform acts of Christian service and live and pray 
the Gospel in their daily lives.

The RCIA also serves as a focus for ongoing conversion for all members of a parish. 
As Catholics witness new candidates learning the doctrine, they are encouraged to study 
their faith themselves. As they participate in the liturgical ceremonies welcoming new 
members, they can renew their own commitment to Jesus, and strengthen their own 
relationship with God.


Those who are about to enter the Catholic Church need the support and assistance of our church community. We need volunteers to assist with RCIA classes and Sponsors for individuals (sponsors must be confirmed, practicing Catholics who attend Mass every Sunday and who are prepared to support someone through their questions and doubts. Sponsors are also expected to attend classes and ceremonies.)

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