Level 6

Level 6 –  Teen Mass Reflection & Parent Letter

Teen Mass Reflections due 12/3/16
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Level 6 Review Sheet
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Basics for Entry Into the Confirmation Process

  1. Regular attendance at weekly Mass.
  2. Regular attendance at Religious Education classes.
  3. Knowledge of the basics of the Catholic faith, found in “What The Church Believes & Teaches” textbook:
  • How to make the sign of the cross
  • The Our Father
  • The Hail Mary
  • The Act of Contrition
  • What does it mean to pray?  The different forms of prayer
  • The Seven Sacraments and their meaning
  • The Ten Commandments, The Two Great Commandments, The New Law
  • Who is Jesus?
  • What do Catholics believe regarding the Eucharist?
  • Why do we believe as Catholics that weekly Mass attendance is important?
  • Parts of the Mass & what happens at each part, why is it important to attend Mass
  • How do we as Catholics of St. Anthony of Padua show our concern for the poor?


Religious Education Updates

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