Young Stewards’ Day

Every year, we close our Religious Education year by celebrating Young Stewards Day. The focus of this event is, as the name would suggest, Stewardship. All children participate, and all parents are invited to attend. More information about the specifics of the day will follow, but for now, please note the dates that the celebration will take place:

Tuesday program: April 4, 2017
Wednesday program: April 5, 2017
Thursday program: April 6, 2017
Saturday program:  April 8, 2017


  • Plan on arriving 15 minutes earlier than usual to set up your display in the gym, but not before 4:00 PM.  Please take pictures and submit to Religious Ed via email.
  • A lunch table will be supplied in the gym to each class.  Tables will be marked in order according to level and teacher starting with Level 3.  You may use your table to display anything you wish.  Whether its pictures of the kids in ways they earned the money or you may display your class Reflection Papers.  You can decorate the table any way you like, with a tablecloth or leave it plain.  Most catechists bring a plastic tablecloth to use on their table.  Oak tag is available at the front desk.
  • Tables will be lined up along the perimeter of the gym for you and your disciples. Parents will sit in the middle.
  • Levels 3-8 students will meet catechists in the gym for attendance to be taken.  Your folders will be on your assigned table in the gym.  Classrooms will not be opened except for Levels 1 & 2.   Levels 1-6 will still need to be signed out according to the dismissal plan.
  • We will begin with a prayer service.  Presenters and reporters will sit on the stage to make their presentations.
  • Please be sure all monies donated are marked with the name of the person or organization that your money should be donated to.
  • Checks for Timothy Dunne should be made payable to Friends of Tim Dunne.
  • Each catechist will appoint one spokesperson and one backup spokesperson who will take approximately 2 minutes to talk about the different Stewardship ways the kids earned their money for their charity or person.  Please do not allow 3, 4 or 5 people taking turns speaking. Time is precious; please do not take any longer then the allotted 2 minutes.  There are a lot of classes and everyone should have a chance to share what they did.  We will be using the stage and the kids presenting and reporting will come up onto the stage at the start.
  • As the catechist please write out on an index card what the reporter should say. Index cards are available at the front desk.
  • Absolutely no candy or prizes should be handed out.
  • The goal is for each disciple to understand what Stewardship is and how he or she can fully participate in our efforts in fostering “Stewardship as a Way of Life.”
  • Spend some time in reflection with your students on your Stewardship endeavor.  Use the activity sheet for your students to write their own reflections.  Use the completed reflections as part of your table display and mount on construction paper.  If you find you have some exceptional reflections please let me know, I’d like to include these reflections in the prayer service or bulletin.
  • Once we are finished with Young Stewards Day please clean up your area.  Garbage cans are provided by the kitchen.

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