Liturgical Ministries

Altar Linen Ladies

Contact: Doris Corrigan (757-8621)

We care for the Altar Linens.

Commitment: Volunteer once-a-month. Monday pickup of the small Altar linens to be laundered and ironed. Linens should be returned by Thursday. Other duties are scheduled as needed, but shouldn’t exceed one more hour a month.

Altar Servers

Father Vian (261-1077 x. 203)

Being an altar server is a great way to serve Jesus and his church. Serving at His altar helps us appreciate the miracle of the Eucharist. It teaches reverence and respect and benefits the parishioners of our parish. This is a great way, as young people, to really make a difference! Boys and girls in grade 4 and up who are interested in becoming an Altar Server please contact Father Vian. There is nothing to worry about; it is easy to learn how to serve and everyone involved is friendly and helpful.


Contact: Father Joe (261-1077 x.202)

We use musical talents as a gift to the parish community in ministry – to bring ourselves and the community closer to God through musical prayer: Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, Saturday 5 pm Choir and Hand Bell Choir.

Commitment: One rehearsal (an hour) per week. One Mass each weekend.

Eucharistic Ministers

Contact: Father Joe (261-1077 x.202)

Our parish is in need of additional Eucharistic Ministers to assist Priests in distributing Holy Communion at Mass and/or to bring Communion to the sick and home bound, to Huntington Hospital, Atria and Birchwood Assisted Living Residence. Approval by the Pastor is a requirement as well as attendance at two Diocesan Training Workshops for new Eucharistic Ministers which are held on Saturday mornings.

Commitment: Huntington Hospital – one Thursday morning a month. Ministers attend the 9 am Mass and proceed directly to Huntington Hospital. Atria Assisted Living – one Saturday morning every 7 or 8 weeks. Ministers attend the 8:30 am Mass and then go to Atria. Birchwood Assisted Living – one Wednesday morning a month. Ministers attend the 9 am Mass and proceed directly to Birchwood. Distribution of Holy Communion on Sundays once every 2 or 3 weeks. Home bound visitation is usually once a week as calls are received. Schedules can be adjusted.

Family Liturgy Committee

Contact: Kristen Ng (266-1049)

Every Sunday at the 9:00 am Family Mass (September thru June) the children are invited to experience the Gospel message on their level of understanding. The committee members strive to involve the children more fully by using handouts, stories and creative Gospel reflections.

Commitment: Members are placed into teams, with each team scheduled to help at approximately one Mass per month. Duties include setting up the Lower Church before Mass, supervising and assisting the children during the Family Liturgy downstairs, and packing up the Lower Church after Mass. Each team will also be responsible for hosting approximately two of our monthly Family Liturgy breakfasts during the course of the year. Members are encouraged to attend the Family Mass even if their team is not scheduled to assist at that Mass. Help may also be requested at special times during the year, such as Advent and Lent. The committee meets 2-3 times over the year to plan activities and prepare for Advent and Lent.


Contact: Sister Eileen   261-8891

Lectors read at Sunday and Weekday Masses. Proclaim the Word of God so that believers can receive it into their hearts.

Commitment: One hour each month (every four weeks) approximately one half hour “prep time.”

Teen Mass

Contact: Marion Moricca (368-0137)

The teen Mass is a great way for the youth of our Parish to become more involved with the liturgy. Any teen (age 13) 7th to 12th grade is welcome, and encouraged to be a part of this wonderful experience. You can participate as a lector (reader), usher, cantor (singer), musician, or gift bearer. You can also sign up to give a witness talk.

Commitment: Teen Mass is the 3rd Sunday of every month at the 7:00 pm Mass. You must attend 10 out of the 12 Teen Masses.


Contact: Fred Leonardo (754-5220 – Home), (271-4000 – Office)

A warm smile and welcoming personality are the key requirements for membership. Ushers, both men and women, help respond to the needs of the congregation and help visitors find seats, collect the offering, assist in organizing the people who present the gifts at the Offertory and distribute the Parish Bulletin at the conclusion of the Mass.

Commitment: One Mass each weekend.

Wedding Rehearsal Ministry

Contact: Kathryn Livolsi (754-3097)

Rehearse couples and bridal parties in preparation for their upcoming marriage at St. Anthony’s. This ministry is most active between April and October with the occasional rehearsal in March, November or December. Each member is teamed up with another and usually performs 1 rehearsal per month, on Thursday or Friday early evenings, and lasts about 1/2 hour. Those members that perform a rehearsal are required to be available on the wedding day as well, if and when possible.

Commitment: Newcomers would be best prepared by observing some rehearsals prior to starting, be able to give direction and be to church on time or 10 minutes prior to rehearsal time.

Young Lectors

Contact: Kristen Ng (266-1049)

During the Family Mass at 9:00 am every Sunday (September thru June), Young Lectors proclaim the First Reading and the Gospel to the children in the Lower Church. These Lectors are considered role models for the younger children who gather to participate. All student in grades 5- 12 are eligible to read.

Commitment: Lectors are scheduled to read approximately every 2 months.

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